2015 Programs

February 2015

It’s a membership drive special! Become a member and tell KBOO how much you love APA Compass! For this episode, we feature:

  • The minds behind the brilliant play, Kultar’s Mime. Liz Rogers talks to Mehr Kaur and Sarbpreet Singh about the inspiration for this play.
  • A clip from Sarika Mehta’s interview with actor, comedian and writer, Aasif Mandvi. He’s the author of the memoir No Land’s Man. You can hear the full interview here.
  • A throwback! As we gear up for the 10th Anniversary of APA Compass, we’re featuring archives from the vault: our first-ever PopWatch segment from November of 2010.
  • An Angry APA Minute from our own Dmae Roberts. This piece, “Common Cause”, was originally featured in the local news paper, The Asian Reporter.

Listen to the entire February 2015 program.

January 2015

Happy New Year from all of us at APA Compass! To celebrate 2015, we’re kicking off the new year with a full hour of our most popular segment, the Angry APA Minute! We feature:

  • #BlackLivesMatter and APA solidarity: Alice Wong, Taz Ahmed, Deepa Iyer, and Eric Liu
  • We have throwback Angry APA Minutes by our own collective members: Jaye Sablan, Andrew Yeh and Sarika Mehta
  • And from the archive, our community responds to newsworthy events: Hasan Minhaj, Hari Kondabolu and Surinder and Rupinder Singh
  • We also have film-maker Vidyut Latay talking about her documentary, Beyond Silence, celebrating the Mumbai Deaf Community.

Listen to the entire January 2015 program.

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