Jay Nicolas Sario coming to APA Compass (and PDX Fashion Week)!

Greatest boots ever?Even though my budget is lamentably more Ross-Dress-For-Less than Rodarte when it comes to fashion, I could not be more excited that Jay Nicolas Sario — the fantastic Filipino-American designer of Project Runway Season 7 fame — is showing a collection at Portland Fashion Week next month. We’re hopeful we can snag him for an interview for an upcoming show (tune in at 9 am, Friday, October 1) to talk about his new collection, his post-PR projects, his one-time “bok-bok” aesthetic of textures and color, and his experiences getting into fashion in the Philippines, Hawaii, and California. Last month he was grand marshall at the Pistahan Parade, a huge celebration of Filipino culture in the Bay Area — he’s a proud APA man who represents!

Jay, email us. Seriously! We should talk!!

Here’s his website if, like me, you want to covet the unbelievably fabulous boots from his PR collection: http://www.jaynicolassario.com/



UPDATE (9/23): Listeners, rejoice! I talked with Jay this afternoon, and you’ll get to hear our conversation on our October show, 9 am, Friday 10/1. Of course, Jay is gracious and funny, and he was a good sport about answering at least one goofy question about Project Runway. Follow him on twitter — he’s prolific: @jaynicolassario. And while you’re at it, follow us: @apacompass!

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