2011 Programs

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January 2011
Our favorite stories from 2010

  • Patty Sakurai speaks with hip-hop activist and author of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation, Jeff Chang (originally aired June 2010).
  • Audio Postcard from the monthly arts show “Colored Pencils” (originally aired March 2010).
  • Angry APA Minute from when Lane Community College’s Rites of Passage Program for Pan-Asian Youth paid APA Compass a visit (originally aired May 2010).
  • Kushlani de Soyza interviews Jay Sario of Project Runway’s season seven, final four. Sario is also a stylist for Gap, and debuted a collection at Portland Fashion Week (not previously aired).
  • Andrew Yeh talks with Judy Yung, historian and author of the book Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America (originally aired October 2010).
  • In his Angry APA Minute, Andrew Yeh talks about observations about racial awareness made by children (originally aired June 2010).
  • Sara Onitsuka speaks out in her “Thought-Provoking” APA Minute about the lack of Asian representation in the media (originally aired December 2010).

March 2011

  • Sarika Mehta talks to Para-Olympic athlete Anjali Forber-Pratt about her life and athletic achievements.
  • Kushlani de Soyza speaks with Tamiko Beyer about her new book of poetry, Bough Breaks.
  • A speech by George Takei (Star Trek actor and activist) about his experiences as a survivor of the WWII internment camps, as a civil rights activist, and as a gay man.
  • Angry APA Minute by Purvi Shah about her book of poetry Terrain Tracks.

April 2011

  • Andrew Yeh interviews Sho and Luann Dozono about local projects that are benefiting disaster relief efforts in Japan.
  • ThuVan Hoang makes a PopWatch addressing insensitive and racist reactions that came about from the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In addition, she reports on recently elected APA officials. 
  • Discussion (roundtable) about the health issues facing APA communities and the upcoming legislation on healthcare.
  • Angry APA Minute by Simon Tam on his band’s battle on whether or not the band’s name is offensive to APA communities.

May 2011

  • Andrew Yeh interviews civil rights activist (of seven decades) Grace Lee Boggs, and Scott Kurashige, professor of American Culture and History at the University of Michigan and the author of the book The Shifting Grounds of Race: Black and Japanese Americans in the Making of Multi-Ethnic Los Angeles. Together, Boggs and Kurashige coauthored The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the 21st Century.
  • What Osama Bin Laden’s death means for Muslim-American communities (NOT AVAILABLE FOR STREAMING).
  • Muna Mohamud and Afifa Ahmed-Chafi, who work for the city of Portland on diversity issues and under-represented communities (NOT AVAILABLE FOR STREAMING).
  • Angry APA Minute by Rita Banerji on her book of poems, Cracklers at Night.

July 2011

  • Sarika Mehta interviews  Deepa Iyer and Afshan Khoja about their community activist organization, SAALT (South Asian-Americans Leading Together).
  • In her PopWatch, ThuVan Hoang presents a tribute to Vincent Chin, and shares community reactions to a screening of the documentary “Vincent Who”.
  • Claire Flynn, a junior from St. Mary’s Academy, reflects upon APA stereotypes following her participation in the 19th annual Asian-American Youth Leadership Conference.
  • Re-broadcast of Kushlani de Soyza’s interview of Deanna Fei, about her novel A Thread of Sky.

August 2011 – Annual Music Show

  • Andrew Yeh interviews Jimmy Wong, actor, singer, songwriter, and producer, who has found success through his music YouTube channel.
  • Sarika Mehta sits down with Rupa Marya, the lead vocalist and director of the band Rupa and the April Fishes.
  • Andrew Yeh speaks with Lola Fair and Baby J, singers and songwriters of the duo LFBJ.

September 2011

  • Sarika Mehta talks with Kiran Ahuja, Executive Director of the White House initiative on Asian/Pacific Islanders.
  • Patty Duncan‘s 2008 interview with Kipp Fulbeck, whose “Part Asian, 100% Happa” photo exhibit is being shown at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in Portland, Oregon, is re-broadcasted.
  • Andrew Yeh chats with Laura Kina, an artist and scholar of Asian-American and mixed studies.
  • Angry APA Minute by Kushlani de Soyza.

October 2011

  • An Angry APA Minute from Sarika Mehta about her experiences in community college, and the stereotypes of Indians.
  • Andrew Yeh talks with June Arima Schumann about a disturbing study done in Multnomah County that reveals very difficult conditions in the area for immigrants and communities of color.
  • Anna speaks with Sharon Inahara, an artist whose exhibit of painted and silk-screen canvases focuses on the day Japanese-Americans were rounded up and interred during World War II.

November 2011

  • Kushlani interviews Portland State University’s urban studies professor, Vivek Shandas, and discusses climate justice, environmental racism, and how Portland’s immigrant communities and communities of color are adversely affected.
  • Andrew Yeh talks with author and actress Diane Farr. They discuss complexities of interracial relationships in the United States, and her recent book, Kissing Outside the Lines. She talks about her own experiences and lessons she learned while dating, marrying, and starting a family with a Korean-American man.
  • Sarika speaks with Chicago-based art collector Manvee Vaid about the importance of contemporary Indian folk art.
  • Angry APA Minute from New York City poet Vani Natarajan about Troy Davis.
  • Community Calendar for November 2011.

December 2011

  • Luann Algoso speaks with Ying-Ying Chang, author of the book The Woman Who Could Not Forget, a memoir of her late daughter Iris Chang.
  • Kushlani speaks with Jerry Li – a philanthropist and architect in Seattle, about his volunteer work that was recently recognized by the White House.
  • Sarika speaks with DJ Phatrick (Patrick Huang), a Chinese-American DJ based in LA, about his latest work.
  • Kushlani De Soyza talks with Oregon State Alum and Beavers’ head athletic trainer Ariko Iso (first woman to work in an NFL training room).
  • Angry APA Minute from writer Vani Natarajan about the protest of the execution of Troy Davis, in the form of a poem.

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