2014 Programs

December 2014

  • Atul Gawande talks about his book Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. Listen to the the podcast
  • Former Compass member, Elaine Cha, talks about Asian Americans in solidarity with #Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter
  • Eric Liu talks about his book, A Chinaman’s Chance: One Family’s Journey and the Chinese American Dream and gives us the real meaning of citizenship in light of #Ferguson. Listen to the podcast
  • Our own Liz Rogers brings back PopWatch with her view on ABC’s “Fresh off the Boat”

Listen to the entire December 2014 program

November 2014

  • Eisa Jocson talks about the performance, “Macho Dancer”
  • We invite Michael Bacon, Kim Le and Joseph Santos-Lyons to talk about the Vietnamese Dual Language Program at Portland Public Schools
  • Community Activist and Artist in Residence, Deepa Iyer, offers her passionate Angry APA Minute on why #FergusonOctober matters to all of us
  • Local award-winning radio documentarian, Dmae Roberts, talks about turning radio into the visual with “Mei Mei: A Daughter’s Song”.

Listen to the entire November 2014 program

October 2014

  • October is Filipino American history month! Pamela K. Santos teaches us a little bit about Filipino American history for KBOO’s fall membership drive!
  • Anjan Manikumar, owner of SIGNS Restaurant in Toronto. At SIGNS, you have to use American Sign Language to order food and most of the staff are Deaf and Hard of Hearing!

Listen to the entire October 2014 program

September 2014

  • Learn about the upcoming Jade Night Markets sponsored by APANO and Portland’s Jade District.
  • Mee Moua, president of Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC), tells us what Asian-Americans can do to ensure fair representation in politics.
  • In this send-off interview, APA Compass collective member, Andrew Yeh, shares his favorite moments and memories from his tenure. We thank him for his contributions and wish him the best in his future adventures!

Listen to the entire September 2014 program.

August 2014

  • Portland musician and TED Talk speaker Simon Tam tells us why the US Patent and Trademark Office will not allow him to trademark his band’s name, “The Slants” and how he’s responding.
  • Pulitzer Prize winner, Alex Tizon, explores and punctures stereotypes of the Asian-American male identity in his book, “Big Little Man: In Search of My Asian Self“. Listen to the podcast.
  • Sara Onitsuka explains her college application quandary in her latest Angry APA Minute. Listen to the podcast.

Listen to the entire August 2014 program.

July 2014

  • Author and radio personality, Sandra Tsing Loh, tells us about her experiences navigating the ups and downs of menopause, including losing her desire to mother two her daughters. Her latest book is “The Madwoman in the Volvo”.
  • Acclaimed author, Jean Kwok, whose latest novel “Mambo in Chinatown”, describes a young woman who is struggling to reconcile the disparate worlds of working-class Chinatown and the professional ballroom dancing circuit.

Listen to the entire July 2014 program.

June 2014

  • Award winning author, Chang-Rae Lee, describes his Asian-American heaven and his latest novel “On such a Full Sea”.
  • Marivi Soliven explores the Filipina immigrant experience in her novel “The Mango Bride”

Listen to the entire June 2014 program.

May 2014

  • Dr. Jaideep Singh, Scholar with UC Berkeley’s Center of Race and Gender, discusses the severe bullying and harassment of Sikh-American children
  • Linda Ueki Absher, hipster librarian, presents her Angry APA Minute, Keep Portland White!

Listen to the entire May 2014 program.

April 2014

  • Anselmo Villanueva, Executive Director of the “Disorient Film Festival of Oregon“, tells us what’s up and coming in Asian-American film.
  • Susan Choi, author of the novel “My Education”, shares her secrets for writing about passion, obsession, and love.
  • Author Kim Fu explores culture and gender in her debut novel, “For Today I Am A Boy”.

Listen to the entire April 2014 program.

March 2014

  • Ishmael Beah tells us his amazing story: of being a child solider in Sierra Leone and the transition to his second life in the United States.  Beah is the author of the novel “The Radiance of Tomorrow”.
  • Malinda Lo started writing because she just wanted to be the hero of her own story. She’s now the author of four acclaimed young adult novels, including the science fiction thriller, Inheritance. Listen to the podcast.
  • Portland vocalist, Lyndee Mah, sheds light on the complexities of being Chinese-Welsh-American and brings this to the stage in her performance memoir, “E-Bon E-Bon”

Listen to the entire March 2014 program.

February 2014

APA Compass features authors and artists.

  • Gene Luen Yang writes and illustrates award winning graphic novels for adults and kids.  He tells us about the controversy surrounding his most viewed “The Last Airbender” comic, and about the inspiration behind his latest companion novels, “Boxers” and “Saints”.  Listen to the podcast.
  • Award winning author and journalist Andrew Lam tells us why he cofounded New American Media, which is a coalition of thousands of ethnic media outlets.  His fiction and non-fiction writings, including “Birds of Paradise Lost”, explore the interactions between the east and the west.  Listen to the podcast.
  • Producer and hip hop rapper CHOPS talks about how the music scene has changed in recent years, and his kickstarter campaign to produce a great album of amazing Asian-American musicians. Listen to the podcast.

Listen to the entire February 2014 program.

January 2014

APA Compass features selections from our best programming from 2013:

  • Comedian Jenny Yang, co-founder of the first-ever, all female, Asian American standup comedy tour, “Dis/orient/ed Comedy”
  • Film maker Vidyut Latay‘s documentary, “Beyond Silence” chronicles the lives of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in Mumbai India.  The film has won the Award of Merit for Short Documentary – Best Shorts Competition in LA Jolla, CA.
  • Professor Pinky Hota of Smith College speaks on women and violence, and the social uprising in India.
  • Stories from Japanese-American WWII veterans and camp internees, who recently came together in Portland to celebrate the veterans’ Congressional Gold Medal.
  • Historian Jo Ogden, describes the Punjabi community which thrived in Astoria, Oregon around 1900, and explains the leading role they played among the Punjabi diaspora.
  • Local community organizer, Dr. Thuy Tran, encourages more Asian-Americans to find their political voice.
  • Liz Rogers presents this tribute to Afifa Ahmed Shafi, a terrific community organizer, and one of the founding collective members of this radio program.  Our collective fondly remembers her as kind and generous, committed and dedicated, amazing and super cool.

Listen to the entire January 2014 program.


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